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Now Possible for the First Time: Using Pre-Terminated Cable Outside the Data Center

Daniel Charles

Although pre-terminated cable saves time, resources and money for installers and end-users, using it outside the data center hasn’t typically been an option due to the challenges it presents in these situations:

  • Large diameter sizes
  • Cable bundles bogged down with RJ45 jacks on both ends
  • Difficulty associated with determining cable lengths early enough in the project

Issues with Current Pre-Terminated Cable Solutions

Some pre-terminated solutions feature large, wide cassettes on the ends of cables, making it impossible to pull them through tight spaces like conduit or furniture.


These cables could be pulled from the consolidation point back to the telecommunications room, but that process is cumbersome and not practical. As a result, this type of solution isn't easy to use in LAN applications.


But there’s good news that is changing pre-terminated cable for the better! Belden’s REVConnect Connectivity System is now being integrated into pre-terminated copper assemblies, and it’s transforming how the industry thinks of – and uses – pre-terminated cable.


This is the first pre-terminated solution that can be used in applications beyond the data center, providing whole new levels of flexibility, time savings and installation options in enterprise LAN projects.


The Solution to Pre-Terminated Cable Troubles

Instead of an RJ45 jack at the end of the cable, Belden’s REVConnect pre-terminated trunks feature the unique, compact REVConnect universal core at each end.


This core is comprised of a cable manager and cap. The cap uses eight insulation piercing contacts to create a highly reliable, gas-tight termination. REVConnect pre-terminated assemblies work just like previous Belden RJ45 pre-terminated assemblies - with the one notable difference in what's at the end of the cable. This solution also eliminates the need for RJ45 couplers.


Installers now have the versatility and flexibility to connect to either a jack, plug or coupler later – and end-users can swap a jack for a plug down the road (or vice versa) without needing to call the installer back in to terminate and test the new connector. This makes connecting to end devices like surveillance cameras, wireless access points and PoE LED lighting systems faster and easier. The project doesn’t need to come to a halt as everyone waits on a decision to be made about whether the cable will run to a consolidation point or directly to a device.


This also allows color customization for jacks and plugs as well, allowing you to maintain the color-coding scheme you’ve established for your data center and network.


With REVConnect, it’s now possible – for the first time – to easily pull a bundle of pre-terminated cable from the telecommunications room out to a consolidation point and be connected to an end device or workstation outlet jacket.


Don't know the cable length you'll need? That's okay! Using a single-ended cable terminated with a REVConnect core assembly can save time, labor and money. The other end of the cable can be terminated in the field using the same REVConnect technology.


There are no wide cassettes or RJ45 jacks in the way to prevent you from pulling the pre-terminated cable through conduit, furniture or other tight spaces. Either side can accept a core for regular cable or pre-terminated trunk runs. REVConnect core-to-core trunks are designed to easily create REVConnect RJ45 plugs, jacks or pre-loaded patch panels that work well together. This gives you more flexibility, cost-saving benefits and a cleaner installation.


pre-term assembly termination


Using Pre-Terminated Cable: The Next Step

With this one-of-a-kind innovation, you now you have more options when it comes to using pre-terminated cable for enterprise network projects and connecting end devices to networks. REVConnect pre-terminated assemblies are currently available in bundle sizes of six, eight or 12 in lengths of up to 300 ft using our popular braided leaf design, which keeps all cables together inside the bundle.


Coming soon are bundle sizes of two and four. A single cable (to run from the consolidation point to each workstation outlet or end device) is newly available. When combined with the REVConnect FlexPlug, this pre-terminated solution can be used to connect to hard-to-access endpoint devices, including ceiling-mounted cameras and motion sensors.